Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Building a mobile site with JQueryMobile

With the sales of tablets to eclipse computer sales within the next few years, as well as the growing adoption of touchscreen computers, we decided to create a version of the UI that provides better support for touch screens via larger interactive elements, as well better scalability over a range of resolutions.

To accomplish this, we decided to go with JQueryMobile. JQueryMobile is a natural choice since we are already making use of both JQuery and JQueryUI. Integration between the three of them seems to be rather good.

The Good

The JQueryMobile ThemeRoller will allow for the easy creation of themes, which will now effect more elements then before, providing organizations with greater customization capabilities.

JQueryMobile does a good job of handling a multitude of resolutions. It (mostly) manages to reflow intelligently to provide for a good user interface even if the screen resolution is limited.

JQueryMobile manages to provide good compatibility with legacy browsers, opening the possibility of providing a unified UI across both the desktop, as well as mobile market.

The Bad

JQueryMobile provides limited grid support, and does not play terribly nice with other grid frameworks. We are now using rwdgrid, and some resolutions have already caused issues with forms and had to be manually tweaked.

A lot of the currently existing styles clash with new styles. Determining which styles need to go and which can stay is troublesome.

JQueryMobile should be loaded at the top of the page to provide its styling as the page is loaded, rather then modifying it afterwards. At the same time, JQueryUI seems to not play nice if it is loaded after JQueryMobile and now needs to be loaded in the beginning, too.

In the long run, JQueryMobile seems to be a great choice for providing a mobile interface, and possibly a unified interface. It makes creating a mobile website almost as simple as generating a normal website and loading a few extra styles ans scripts.

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